Ru-Slack at greenman festival

Whom of you came slacklining with us at Greenman Festival?

Can you spot yourself in this video?

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Video credit: Westopher-Baker

French Alps - Longest Line at Over 3000m!

Sit back and watch The Kid (Pablo Signoret), The Bandit (Rafael Bridi) and The Friend Who Had To Carry Everything (Guilherme Coury) as they tackle one of the most terrifying highlines we've ever seen rigged! 

The Zeus Highline

A Line in the sky connecting the peaks of Schibenstoll and Zuestoll. Steep cliffs over the beautiful Walensee in Switzerland. Unfortunately the range is very exposed and thunderstorms can hit hard and fast. During one of these, the line was cut and the project couldn't be complete.  So this year, the crew is back. Well prepared and trained to close this open chapter with the gods. 

Highline over the Clouds in Switzerland

The swiss slackline athlete Samuel Volery finally did it. Two months after a lightning stopped his try to break the highline world record, he manages to set the new record to 477m during the Highline Extreme Festival - with an incredible sunset scenery over the clouds.  

Slacklines and Highlines

This slackline video boasts an impressive variety of slacking in beautiful locations around the world from a glacier in Switzerland to on board a boat in Thailand! With credit and thanks going to Slackline-Tools.

Elephant Slacklines: Floating Slackline!

Every year the "NaDaBa" takes place in Ulm, Germany - thousands of self-made boats go down the Donau River but the clever guys at Elephant decided slacklining should part of this tradition – check out the floating slackline.

With credit and thanks going to Elephant Slacklines.

Elephant Slacklines: Time Slows Down

This is a great video; you get to see a whole new perspective of slacklining in super slow-motion. The shots were taken in Russelsheim at the annual slackline festival.

With credit and thanks going to Elephant Slacklines.

Elephant Slacklines: ★ One for the Team! ★

Featured in this video, the elephant team gathered in Munich, Germany to slack around the city. Another inspiring video set in some very nice locations. This is the first of two video's from their three day trip.

With credit and thanks going to Elephant Slacklines.


As we all know rain doesn’t bring the best conditions to go slacklining, well it doesn’t seem to bother the Germans, and they just find a bridge to hide under and set up a waterline over a river, oh and wear funny costumes in the process.

With credit and thanks going to Elephant Slacklines.

Slack your world Vol.3

Another video from their “Slack your world” series Slackline-Tools brings you footage from 5 different countries and some epic locations. 

With credit and thanks going to Slackline-Tools.