performance events

Perfect for:

  • All Ages 
  • Festivals
  • Shows 
  • Parties 
  • Education Institutions
  • Corporate Events
  • CPD events

What's on offer:

  • Highline performance
  • Fire Rope Walking Performance
  • Trickline performance 
  • Slackline performance 
  • Balance Bazaar's
  • Circus performance 
  • Fire Shows
  • Aerial Performances    

Slacklining with stilt walkers at a music festival

Here at Ru-Slack

As the UK's leading slackline delivery provider; we offer more variation to our services than anybody else. Some of our services provide an active element for the zesty among us but our performance section is aimed at providing entertainment for those who are happier to sit and watch. 

Our list of both interactive and visual performances is near on endless however some of our more popular performances tend to be...

  • Trickline demo's and performance
  • Highline performance
  • Slackline Striptease (inc at height)
  • Free-Hanging Aerial 
  • Firewalking
  • Silks
  • Tall Bikes
  • Stilts

If however; the performance you desire isn't listed above then please feel free to fire us a message and we will endeavour to meet your needs.


To give you an understanding of our scope of performance we have run 

  • Run the whole balance bazaar (17 Acts) at Blissfeilds Festival
  • Aerial & Highline performances at Lamertree Festival
  • Highline Striptease at the Vogue Christmas Party
  • Filming for TV commercials 
  • Aerial performance at Area 51
  • Circus performance at Greenman Gathering
  • Stilts & Tall Bikes at the Suffolk Show
  • Circus performance at Bar Mitzvah's.

Why book with us?

Being the longest running slackline organisation here in the UK, we pride ourselves on our tailored performance packages that offer more variation and flexibility than any other organisation and more than enough to be able to meet your needs and give you the best performance possible.

We provide all the equipment needed, have the ability to project manage any performance from installation to delivery and depending on your needs we are also also able to provide structures, catering, graphics, marketing and media to launch your product, brand or campaign; or just to have a great party.

With Ru-Slack’s performance packages; not only do we offer the ability to put on a great show, your guests can actually get involved as well. Upon contact our highly experienced team will work with your organisation from inception to completion to create the performace  you envisage.

What you get!

Not only does Ru-Slack offer more than competitive rates and the highest quality service but by booking with us; you are guaranteed peace of mind.  

  • Experienced staff
  • Fully insured and risk assessed
  • First aid trained
  • CRB compliant
  • Child protection trained
  • Regular CPD updates
  • Fully Flexible to meet your needs
  • Supporting a Social Enterprise and people in the wider community...

Unanswered Questions

If you have any further questions, your still unsure about something or you wonder if we can design something specially for you; then make sure you hit us up and we will be sure to answer any question you have...


Book Ru-Slack for a unique experience at your event.

For a competitive rate we can bring you a never seen before performance to an event near you.

As a Social Enterprise we are willing and able to give large discounts on event bookings depending on the values and aims of the event.

To find out more, get a quote or to book a session please use the enquiry form.