Institute of Outdoor Learning

"Thanks Ru-Slack for giving up your time to provide practitioners with a taste of slacklining at our 2017 South West IOL regional conference. One participant said ‘Slacklining was brilliant, really frustratingly addictive and fun!’"

Events Management

“I've had loads of positive responses about what you guys did this year at the festival (Blissfields) so I really want to thank you for this and I would love to have you back in 2018 and make it a bigger more prominent thing”

A National Governing Body

"I think that Slacklining is very exciting and an up-and-coming activity. I think the Outdoor educators need to wake up and get these ‘new’ activities into their programmes as soon as possible".  


"The sport of slacklining is breath taking. I am awestruck by so many of the different learning aspects the children have been able to capture."


"I used to get in trouble and run away from the police, now Ru-Slack has taught me how to slackline I just show them my slackline tricks."


"I found slacklining really helped me improve my fitness levels, I didn't enjoy the gym and found this to be the perfect substitute."


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