You want to get more into slacklining but you’re confused by all the available options. 

All you know is that you outgrew your own or someone else’s set up and you’re wondering what to get next to up your slackline game; then check out Augustin’s very well written guide!  Big shout out to @Augustin_Moinat for his hard work on this one.

Augustin’s Slackline Guide (pdf)


International Slackline Association

The ISA is a grassroots effort created by a collection of slackliners from around the world who are passionate about the community, sharing resources, and promoting slacklining in all forms. Go Check our their website for all the latest slackline related news and information.

UK Bolt Fund

The UK slackline bolt fund was started to help replace out of date bolts. This community funded effort has helped new lines be established as well as re-equip old ones. If you want to find out how you can donate or even get some bolts for your project, please get in touch via the website!

Online Reference Source was started by some South Coast based Slackliners who wanted to share their own experience of learning the ropes of Slacklining. The site is a reference source showing beginners how to take those first tentative steps on the line right through to throwing some tricks on the Trickline. Also covered is an explanation of the various bits of kit required for different disciplines within the sport and how to stay safe whilst slacking. 

Help the ru-slack Cause

Your support & contributions will fund our mission and enable us to  spread the word about slacklining whilst continuing to run slackline programmes; free at the point of delivery.

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Need a spot to go slacklining then check out slackmap for all of the communities extra information in one place.

The Institute for Outdoor Learning

The Institute for Outdoor Learning is the professional body for organisations and individuals who use the outdoors to make a difference for others. We are driven by a vision of Outdoor Learning as a highly valued form of development, education and employment in UK society.

How Not 2 Highline

 The biggest all around online resource for slacklining, mostly up high.  They try to make your learning curve less curvy since slacklining isn't a sport to learn from trial and error.